Panda Bear at the Crystal Ballroom


devonwho opened for Panda Bear, the kick-off show for MusicfestNW 2010.

He showed up in a baggy gray sweatshirt and played songs from his laptop. Just like I wouldn’t go out to the Crystal Ballroom in sweats, I also wouldn’t go on stage DJing from a laptop. It would have been fine to listen to in a crowded club while I’m dancing stiffly with my friends or making awkward conversation at attractive people. He just didn’t put on a show.

Sound check for Panda Bear

In my state of inebriation, I thought that Panda Bear started with a cover of Justin Bieber slowed down 800 percent. I haven’t had this disproved, but I doubt it. Noah Lennox, if I was just drunk, please consider this idea.

panda bear

Panda Bear performed most of show in silhouette against images projected on a screen behind him. Pulsing pictures of orgies, people jumping, possibly porn on a monorail, bearded dude. The music- hypnotic, sentimental, melancholy but often danceable. I’d like some more unusual and unexpected backgrounds if we’re going to see only the dark shape of the performer.

panda bear

Photos by Christina Song.

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