Yo Planet

This is my shiny new blog. It runs on Hexo, a Node.js powered blog framework. I chose Hexo because I’m going to be learning a lot of Node at Portland Code School starting next month, and I figured this would be a good way to get acquainted.

That brings me to one of the points of this blog. I’m going to be writing here about my transmogrification into a professional coder and web developer. I’ve loved computers since I first saw Castle Wolfenstein on my neighbor’s Commadore 64. Before computers, however, I loved sitting at the pedal board of my Gran’s Wurlitzer organ while she played Roy Orbison tunes.

So I’ll be posting here about music too, especiallyy music for video games and live coding. I have done a bit of the former, and I’m excited to learn more about the latter. On that note, I’ll finish here with a video of the brilliant Andrew Sorensen narrating a live coding performance at this year’s Open Source Conference (OSCON). Sorensen is using Extempore, a live coding environment of his own creation.